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Commission Prices and TOS - 2017 edition! by oddthesungod Commission Prices and TOS - 2017 edition! by oddthesungod
Hey ya'll!!! So here are my new prices from now on!! <333
Very little has changed, and my TOS is practically the same, so I'll just copy paste it from my previous commission post! ;v;

If you’re interested please send me a message here or on my e-mail; aline.odd[at]

I can draw pretty much anything you want me to, with some exceptions, I’ll draw your OCs, fanart, your fave ship, animals, people, monsters, anthro characters or even just pretty scenery if you want.

There are however some things I will NOT draw;

- Porn (I’m ok with sexy pinup-y images, so long as it’s not porn or anything is showing, nipples are ok).
- Extreme gore (some blood and bruises are fine by me).
- Fetish art and character very obviously based on fetishes.
- Artwork that promotes racism, ableism, and any kind of lgbt+phobia.
- Situations that involve incest or minors in sexual situations.

Also, I like posting all my drawings to my gallery, so if you don’t wish me to post your commission on my blog or other art sites let me know so I can mark your commission as private! After the final drawing has been completed you may upload it anywhere you like, provided you credit it back to me! <3

Other than those instances I’m pretty open to anything, so make sure to send me nice reference of the character you want drawn, either in an image (preferably) or written (please be as detailed as you can be), I’ll then make a sketch of your commission and send to you for your approval, and then you can send the payment. Since I live in South America, shipping prints can be a big hassle, so the commissions will be digital only (but I’ll send you a high res image if you wish to print it!)

- Your commission is for personal use only, not commercial!
- I will not do refunds after the final drawing has been approved!
- You may upload the final drawing anywhere you'd like, provided you credit it back to me!
- By contacting me for a commission you agree to the terms of this TOS.

Payment is only via PayPal!

Also, please take a look at this post before sending your payment

If you have ANY questions, please send me a message, I’ll be more than happy to help you out!
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